Women's Health Branch: Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking Resources For a Family Planning/Title X Setting

The Human Trafficking resources are from the NEW January 2021 Identifying and Responding to Human Trafficking (HT) in Title X Settings E-learning Course. The e-learning course can be accessed at our training page, see the section Required Title X/Family Planning Trainings and the Human Trafficking area under “CURRENT” or “NEW” Family Planning Staff.

Case studies and other resources/job aids throughout the e-learning course can be individual and staff training opportunities. Use these Human Trafficking resources/job aids during a staff meeting or a “lunch & learn” activity for front desk staff, financial staff, nurses, providers and any other clinic and program staff. Prompting discussion among multidisciplinary staff can build and strengthen trust, rapport, consistent messaging, knowledge and skills needed for positive interactions among clients and staff.

  1. Signs and Indicators of Human Trafficking Pocket Card 
  2. Providing Trauma-Informed Care in Family Planning Clinics Webinar 
  3. Do’s and Don’ts: What to Do and What to Avoid When Working with Victims of Human Trafficking
  4. Pocket Guide: Victim Centered Approach in Title X Settings
  5. Providing Trauma-Informed Care in Family Planning Clinics Webinar
  6. Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) Concept of Trauma & Guidance for a Trauma-Informed Guidance Approach 
  7. Cultural Competency in Family Planning Care eLearning
  8. Developing Title X Clinic Guidelines on Human Trafficking 
  9. Establishing and Providing Effective Referrals for Clients: A Toolkit for Family Planning Providers 
  10. Mandatory Reporting & HIPAA Compliance
  11. Trauma-Informed Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting in a Family Planning Setting Video
  12. Human Trafficking ICD-10-CM Codes

Last Modified: 01-21-2021