Women's Health Branch: Information for Healthcare Disciplines

The Women's Health Branch has guidance aimed at specific medical, nursing, social work and support professionals. Information in this section may be useful across disciplines, therefore it may be useful to look in areas other than your specific discipline.

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 Nurses - 02/10/21

In order to assure statewide coverage, responsibility for providing technical assistance, monitoring, and support for Women’s Health programmatic requirements and questions related to clinical practice has been split among the Branch's nurse consultants. These nurse consultants comprise a State Family Planning Nurse Consultant, a State Maternal Health Nurse Consultant, and five Regional Nurse Consultants which includes a Regional Nurse Consultant Supervisor. These nurse consultants have resources to support local public health agencies and to answer your questions. Regional Nurse Consultant Coverage is illustrated on the Regional Nursing Consultants (PDF, 131 KB) map.

 Social Workers - 10/14/20

There are four Women's Health Regional Social Work Consultants (PDF, 165 KB) available to assist local provider agencies with consultation, training, and technical assistance on providing supportive services and care management for women and families. They can respond to questions related to basic family needs such as housing, transportation, food, education, and other important issues such as family violence, substance abuse and behavioral health. They also work directly with Pregnancy Care Management providers. The state Pregnancy Care Management Program Manager leads the Regional Social Work Consultant team and coordinates public health social work consultation and training efforts statewide.

The Women's Health Branch also has a Clinical Social Work Consultant who provides guidance to the Branch on responses to psychosocial issues in women's health, such as depression, violence against women, and substance use. The Clinical Social Work Consultant also provides consultation and training for the Health and Behavior Intervention (HBI) providers and for the High Risk Maternity Clinic Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSWs). Both the Pregnancy Care Management Program Manager and the Clinical Social Work Consultant can be reached by calling (919) 707-5700.


The Nutrition Program Consultant for the Women's Health Branch contributes to the development, planning, administration and evaluation of nutrition policy and programs for women of child bearing age in North Carolina. Particular attention is given to overcoming the cultural diversity, health disparity and environmentally related barriers of good nutrition for good health. Current priorities include promoting healthy weight, multivitamin consumption, breastfeeding, and managing gestational diabetes.

 Sickle Cell Educator Counselors - 10/15/19

The Sickle Cell Syndrome Program has nine educator counselors and one community-based center with offices located across the state that work to:

  • facilitate the retesting of newborns who are presumed to have sickle cell disease according to their newborn screen
  • provide case management services to sickle cell disease clients
  • provide counseling services to individuals who have an unusual hemoglobin trait such as sickle cell trait, and
  • conduct education and presentations on sickle cell disease to the public, health care providers, clients, churches, schools and civic groups.

N.C. Sickle Cell Syndrome Program Directories

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