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Publications, Brochures, and Manuals

To request publications, complete the Publications Form (PDF, 284 KB - Updated 08/07/18). Women's Health Branch publications, fact sheets, manuals, and directories are listed below. If an item doesn’t open properly, please try a different web browser like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. If you need an item not provided, please call (919) 707-5700.

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 Brochures, Fact Sheets, and Plans - Updated 08/07/18

 Family Planning and Preconception Health Educational Materials


Adolescent Puberty

Be Smart. Be Ready. A Family Planning Program


Contraception - Overview of Methods

Contraception - Specific Methods

Gynecological Problems/STIs

Infertility/Genetic Counseling

Male Involvement

Nutrition/Weight Management

Preconception Health/Reproductive Life Planning

 Maternal Health Educational Materials - Updated 08/07/18

Diabetes In Pregnancy

General Maternal Health - Updated 08/07/18


Parenting and Baby - Updated 08/01/18


Pregnancy Care Management

Text for Baby

Tobacco Cessation - New and Updated 07/10/18

Zika Virus

 Sickle Cell Educational Materials

  • About Sickle Cell Disease and Sickle Cell Trait (multicultural)
  • About Sickle Cell Disease and Sickle Cell Trait
  • Hemoglobin and Thalassemia Disorders - What You Should Know
  • NC Sickle Cell Syndrome Program Brochure - 2005 Edition (PDF, 137 KB)
  • NC Sickle Cell Syndrome Program Hemoglobinopathy Screening Card (PHFSU)
  • Sickle Cell Disease - Facts for You
  • Sickle Cell Testing for Newborns
  • What Everyone Should Know About Kidneys and Kidney Diseases
  • What Everyone Should Know About Stroke (Brain Attack)
  • You and Your Teeth

 Manuals - 08/01/18

 Family Planning Policy Manual - 04/23/18

The policy manual is divided into five sections with related policies and relevant memos provided in PDF format. Additional policies will be added as they are written and approved.

Section Title

1. Client Services

1.1 - Adolescent Services

1.2 - Informed Consent

1.3 - Child Abuse, Neglect and Human Trafficking Reporting

1.4 - Client Confidentiality and Privacy

1.5 – Customer Satisfaction

1.6 – Health Disparities

1.7 – Voluntary Service Provision

1.8 – Human Subjects Research

1.9 – Medical Records

2. Clinical Services

2.1 - Emergency Contraception

2.2 - STI/HIV Screening

2.3 - Initial Visit

2.4 - Return (Annual) Exam

2.5 - Medical Emergency Management

2.6 - Referral and Follow-Up on Abnormal Findings

2.7 - Deferral of Exam

2.8 - Clinical Services for Sterilized Patients

2.9 - Pregnancy Diagnosis

2.10 - Permanent Contraception

2.11 - Immunization

  • Policy (PDF, 24 KB)
  • Memos - Current and past correspondence from the Immunization Branch can be found at To locate these memos, click Healthcare Providers, click memos under the heading North Carolina Immunization Program (NCIP) Requirements and memos are listed by year.

2.12 – Pregnancy Spacing Policy

2.13 - Pharmaceuticals

2.14 - Method Counseling

2.15 - Infertility

2.16 – Revisit/Supply Visit

3.  Community Services

3.1 - Community Participation

3.2 - Media Review

4.  Financial Services

4.1 - Billing, Collections, and Fees

4.2 - Women's Health Service Funds

4.3Required Posted Signage for Service

4.4Facilities and Accessibility of Family Planning Services

4.5Quality Assurance and Audit

4.6 - Income Verification

5.  Personnel

5.1 - Personnel Records and Licensure Verification

5.2 - Enhanced Role Nurse

5.3 - Provider Qualifications

5.4 - Staff Conflict of Interest

5.5 - Clinical Protocols for Client Care

 Maternal Health Policy Manual - New 08/01/18

The policy manual is divided into five sections with related policies and relevant memos provided in PDF format. Additional policies will be added as they are written and approved.

Section Title

1. Patient Services


2. Clinical Services

2.1 - Lead and Pregnancy

3. Community Services


4. Financial Services


5. Personnel



A Guide for Helping to Eliminate Tobacco Use and Exposure for Women (PDF, 2 MB)

Guidelines for the Identification and Management of Lead Poisoning in Pregnant and Lactating Women external link

The Management of Sickle Cell Disease Manual external link

 Pregnancy Care Management Program Manual - 06/05/18

Section Topics

Pregnancy Care Management Overview

1. Division of Medical Assistance (DMA)

2. Community Care of North Carolina (CCNC)

3. Pregnancy Medical Home (PMH)

4. Pregnancy Care Management (OBCM)

5. Risk Screening

6. Pregnancy Care Management (OBCM) Services

7. Pregnancy Care Management (OBCM) Pathways

8. Maternal Health Quality Improvement

9. Case Management Information System (CMIS)

10. Data and Evaluation

11. Contacts

12. Resources and References

 Preconception Health Training Modules for Providers

 Community Preconception Health Training Manual




Updated: September 4, 2018